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Doing some thinking out loud

30 January 2008

with a co-worker at the Grindstone today I came up with this idea. If you were to become your party’s nominee for POTUS, who would you choose to fill the various cabinet posts available to you and why? I’ll post my list is a couple of days. You do not have to pick anyone that is nationally known. In fact, I would rather see who among your friends, acquaintances, family and enemies you would pick. Just remember that they have to pass muster with the Senate (that whole Advise and Consent thing). Just as a reminder, here are the seats that need filling (presented in no particular order):





Homeland Security

Veteran’s Affairs







Health and Human Services





Sarge, Out



22 January 2008

for nothing, Fred.  The one true conservative running and you gave up.  It would have been nice to see you go into the convention in third and with no clear nominee, you would have strengthened the party and would have been the next POTUS.  Whoever advised you to drop out was not paying attention to the grassroots and the true conservative base you built and supported you.  More right wing blogs were pulling for you than any other.  Who do we support now?  Governor Huckabee is unelectable, Governor Romney will not be able to carry the south, Senator McCain has issues with the First Amendment and teamed up with the Swimmer to introduce an amnesty bill.  And Mayor Giuliani has played the 9/11 card one too many times.

Fred, you made a mistake and the true conservatives in this nation will have a hard time forgiving you for that.  Makes it seem as if your plain talk was just that, talk.

Sarge, Out