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Was wandering

29 February 2008

over at Stop the ACLU and found this little tidbit.  The AP is “urging the Supreme Court to give military detainee access to US Courts.”  Here is the problem with that.  First, the detainees are prisoners of war and are being treated as such (leads me to a rant for another day) rather than being summarily executed as spies since they were not wearing the recognizable uniform of any nation.  Seems that an AP photog was gathered up with a group of Al Qaeda and has been held since.  Go forth and read the original post and Jay has a much better take on it than I.

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Are you an Angry White Man?

15 February 2008

I am. The editor of the local fishwrap found this at the Aspen Weekly Times. Go forth and read it here, I’ll wait.

Done? While the editor of the local fishwrap doesn’t agree with 100% with Mr. Hubbell of the Aspen Weekly, I find his observations to be very poignant and right on target. While, at least to your humble scribe, Mr. Hubbell only mentions white men, I don’t think that he intended to restrict that description to those of us that are pigment challenged. I see him looking around at the men he knows and seeing not the color of their skin, but the true men with the spirit that made this a great country. We all know men such as those described in this piece and, we also see not the color of their skin, but what is truly in their heart. Kim also has a few comments on the article and The Mrs provides a ladies point of view that makes quite the companion piece. Please go and visit the du Toits and tell them Sarge sent you.

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13 February 2008

Are you ready?  A couple of days ago I asked you who you would pick to fill various posts in your administration.  Well, I have put together my list here and you will notice that I took the bold step of combining a couple departments and I will explain why:

V-POTUS:  Here I need someone that I trust with no question.  This person must also be qualified to sit in my chair so there can not be any Constitutional reason that he/she couldn’t serve.  Since my first choice is precluded from serving, I would have to select Jerry.  Jerry and I were stationed together in Japan.

State:  For Secretary of State, I would ask Patrick, my boss in Japan.  He is the consummate diplomat and seeks a peaceful solution to every conflict.

Defense:  For Defense, I would ask General Schwarzkopf.  We all know what a fine job he did in the Gulf in 90/91 and I firmly believe that to run the Pentagon, you need a warrior that is up to the task and has a take no prisoners attitude.  Just in case the General said no, my next choice would have to be Lt. Gen Honore.  Any man who on live television will ask a reporter if he is stuck on stupid has the stuff needed to keep our country safe.

Commerce/ Labor/Treasury: Several departments would be realigned here.  Commerce, Treasury, and Labor would join forces under the Treasury banner.  These three departments have to work together to keep the economy on track, why not have just one boss.  That boss would have to be Bill Gates. 

Homeland Security/Veteran’s Affairs:  Realigned under Defense

Agriculture: Here I would have to really consider whether my administration would need to be involved.  We have the best farmers in the world and we can produce enough crops to feed the world, I think that if we leave the farmer alone, he will produce and really doesn’t need or want our help.  No need to fill this post.

Interior: I want a fisherman/hunter/camper type in this post.  These types know about what it takes to ensure that we only take enough to ensure the rest remain healthy and viable.  GuyK, if you are paying attention, though we have never met and shook hands, I want you for this post.  You are cantankerous enough to give the suits what for and run a tight ship.  That is of course if sweetthing will let you 😉

Education:  As this is a local issue and should stay local, I would be hesitant to fill this post especially at the national level.  However, the best person for this job would be a teacher and that teacher would be my college history professor.

Energy/Transportation: Another pair that would be combined.  Here I would ask one of the founders of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher.  Herb knows how to run a railroad, to steal a phrase, and I am sure that he could figure out our national transportation needs in very short order.

Justice: I have who I think would be the perfect AG.  John in P-cola would be my first pick.  Fair, honest, and knows right from wrong.

Health and Human Services/HUD:  Not sure who to put here.  May not even fill the post.



Romeny Steps Aside

7 February 2008

“This isn’t an easy decision. I hate to lose,” Romney said Thursday, as many in the crowd booed the decision. “If this were only about me, I’d go on, but it’s never been only about me. I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America in this time of war, I feel I have to now stand aside, for our party and for our country.”

Senator McCain, you need to find this man a place in your administration.   Extend the olive branch and lets start getting ready to take on Dems in November and win this thing.  We, as a party, need to come together and do what it takes to win and we need to do it now.

Governor Romney, you speech shows that you have class and that you really care about this nation.  I look forward to your next run and know that it will be successful.

Sarge, Out

I still owe

6 February 2008

you my cabinet selection and I promise it is coming. In the meantime, I found this quiz over at ADs place and thought it looked good.

What military aircraft are you?EA-6B Prowler
You are an EA-6B. You are sinister, preferring not to get into confrontations, but extract revenge through mind games and technological interference. You also love to make noise and couldn’t care less about pollution. Personality Test Results
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Head on over and take the short quiz and let us know what type of military air craft you are. Guy, I am really looking forward to seeing what you turn out to be.

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Looking at who is left on the right

1 February 2008

Sitting at the grindstone the past couple of days and discussing candidates and issues and issues with candidates.  We have jointly concluded that the best and only conservative candidate left the race (Fred) at a time when his numbers were really starting to come up.  Did the former Senator from Tennessee get bad advice?  We all came to the conclusion that he did.

Mayor Guiliani’s departure after Florida came as no real surprise nor his support of McCain.  He understood that he couldn’t win and it was really too late to ride 9/11 into the Oval Office.  Governor Huckabee, and I am sure that he is a good and well intentioned man, is unelectable.  He would be the Republican’s Carter and I do not say that lightly.  Not saying that the Governor would intentionally do anything to draw us off, but I feel he would be too trusting of our adversaries.

That leaves us three candidates left to look at and one of them is unelectable by any means.  Dr. Paul, I am sure you mean well, but you come across as this wild-eyed crazy guy that nobody wants to be around.  Learn to control you perceived craziness and you might stand a chance at being taken seriously.  Leaving us just two viable candidates.

I’ll start with Governor Romney.  Sir, you need to buck up and let the shots roll off like water on a duck’s back.  You let the other dictate your reactions.  If you were to gain the party’s nod, you would face 10 times the abuse from the other side and if the Hildabeast is the nominee of the dims, then you can expect 10 times more abuse than that.  You sir, are electable, but you have to get the nomination first.

Senator McCain, here is where you have fallen short as far as conservative are concerned.  You have joined forces with the likes of Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy to try and push amnesty down our throats and with Sen Fiengold to subvert the 1st Amendment (I know unintended consequences is what people will say).  Tell us another one.  I don’t believe in “unintended consequences.”

As I claim no party affiliation, I could not vote in the Presidential Primary in my particular state of residence.  But, here is my two cents anyway.  No matter who gets the nod, I will support that candidate all the way to the Oval Office.  Whether it be Senator McCain or Governor Romney makes not a hill of beans to me.  I will vote for one of these men if only to keep Hillary out.

Sarge, Out

On the road again!

1 February 2008

Well, SIT, CINCHOUSE, and I have temporarily vacated the PDS and have established the mobile command post in Tallahassee.  And for those following along, SIT is now 15 and has his permit and, against CINCHOUSE’s judgement, I allowed him to drive on the interstate for about 30 mins.  He did well and fell right into the flow of traffic.  Getting ready to head for the pool so that SIT can do his thing and if you happen to be in the Tallahassee area and want to seem some good swimming, come on by the FSU pool and check it out, we will be there all weekend.

Sarge, Out