Looking at who is left on the right

Sitting at the grindstone the past couple of days and discussing candidates and issues and issues with candidates.  We have jointly concluded that the best and only conservative candidate left the race (Fred) at a time when his numbers were really starting to come up.  Did the former Senator from Tennessee get bad advice?  We all came to the conclusion that he did.

Mayor Guiliani’s departure after Florida came as no real surprise nor his support of McCain.  He understood that he couldn’t win and it was really too late to ride 9/11 into the Oval Office.  Governor Huckabee, and I am sure that he is a good and well intentioned man, is unelectable.  He would be the Republican’s Carter and I do not say that lightly.  Not saying that the Governor would intentionally do anything to draw us off, but I feel he would be too trusting of our adversaries.

That leaves us three candidates left to look at and one of them is unelectable by any means.  Dr. Paul, I am sure you mean well, but you come across as this wild-eyed crazy guy that nobody wants to be around.  Learn to control you perceived craziness and you might stand a chance at being taken seriously.  Leaving us just two viable candidates.

I’ll start with Governor Romney.  Sir, you need to buck up and let the shots roll off like water on a duck’s back.  You let the other dictate your reactions.  If you were to gain the party’s nod, you would face 10 times the abuse from the other side and if the Hildabeast is the nominee of the dims, then you can expect 10 times more abuse than that.  You sir, are electable, but you have to get the nomination first.

Senator McCain, here is where you have fallen short as far as conservative are concerned.  You have joined forces with the likes of Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy to try and push amnesty down our throats and with Sen Fiengold to subvert the 1st Amendment (I know unintended consequences is what people will say).  Tell us another one.  I don’t believe in “unintended consequences.”

As I claim no party affiliation, I could not vote in the Presidential Primary in my particular state of residence.  But, here is my two cents anyway.  No matter who gets the nod, I will support that candidate all the way to the Oval Office.  Whether it be Senator McCain or Governor Romney makes not a hill of beans to me.  I will vote for one of these men if only to keep Hillary out.

Sarge, Out


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  1. GUYK Says:

    If McCain gets the nod I have a lot of thinking to do..I figure that if the country is strong enough to survive four years of McCain it is strong enough to survive four years of Clinton.

    Our best hope may be Hillary or Obama in the white house and we keep enough GOP senators to filibuster the dim-a-crits. I fear that if McCain knows where too many bodies are burried and he will twist arms to get the senate to follow his line..and they can do so with the excuse they are supporting a GOP prez. But, they cannot do that with a dim-a-crit as prez….not and expect to get reelected.

    What it comes down to is that it appears that the best hope for the country is a political stalemate where little gets done for the next presidential term..and maybe even the one after. The economy will take care of itself with just a little help from the Fed..lower interest rates will do more in the long run than a measly 300 bucks apiece to the public..money that will have to be borrowed. Hillary cannot pull out of Iraq and take the chance that it will be a bloodbath as was Vietnam…she and the party would get the blame both at home and from world opinion. And, with enough fiscal conservatives willing to filibuster her socialist programs she will be unable to get them passed.

    Obama is an unknown though…he scares me. No doubt he is a far left winger if not a closet raghead. If he gets the nod I will have to vote for McCain and encourage everyone else to do the same.

  2. Sarge Says:


    I agree and would encourage anyone to really think it over. But I have to disagree about the HildaBeast. She and her ilk are bad for the country, even if we can filibuster the Senate. I know that quite a few of us would not willingly vote for McCain, but the reason that we have the make-up of the House and Senate is because in 2006 a lot of Conservatives stayed home rather than hold their nose and pull the lever for the country. I believe that even a leftist Republican is better than a dim-o-crit. We are strong enough to make it through four years of McCain, but we can not survive even one year of Clintoon.

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