Are you ready?  A couple of days ago I asked you who you would pick to fill various posts in your administration.  Well, I have put together my list here and you will notice that I took the bold step of combining a couple departments and I will explain why:

V-POTUS:  Here I need someone that I trust with no question.  This person must also be qualified to sit in my chair so there can not be any Constitutional reason that he/she couldn’t serve.  Since my first choice is precluded from serving, I would have to select Jerry.  Jerry and I were stationed together in Japan.

State:  For Secretary of State, I would ask Patrick, my boss in Japan.  He is the consummate diplomat and seeks a peaceful solution to every conflict.

Defense:  For Defense, I would ask General Schwarzkopf.  We all know what a fine job he did in the Gulf in 90/91 and I firmly believe that to run the Pentagon, you need a warrior that is up to the task and has a take no prisoners attitude.  Just in case the General said no, my next choice would have to be Lt. Gen Honore.  Any man who on live television will ask a reporter if he is stuck on stupid has the stuff needed to keep our country safe.

Commerce/ Labor/Treasury: Several departments would be realigned here.  Commerce, Treasury, and Labor would join forces under the Treasury banner.  These three departments have to work together to keep the economy on track, why not have just one boss.  That boss would have to be Bill Gates. 

Homeland Security/Veteran’s Affairs:  Realigned under Defense

Agriculture: Here I would have to really consider whether my administration would need to be involved.  We have the best farmers in the world and we can produce enough crops to feed the world, I think that if we leave the farmer alone, he will produce and really doesn’t need or want our help.  No need to fill this post.

Interior: I want a fisherman/hunter/camper type in this post.  These types know about what it takes to ensure that we only take enough to ensure the rest remain healthy and viable.  GuyK, if you are paying attention, though we have never met and shook hands, I want you for this post.  You are cantankerous enough to give the suits what for and run a tight ship.  That is of course if sweetthing will let you 😉

Education:  As this is a local issue and should stay local, I would be hesitant to fill this post especially at the national level.  However, the best person for this job would be a teacher and that teacher would be my college history professor.

Energy/Transportation: Another pair that would be combined.  Here I would ask one of the founders of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher.  Herb knows how to run a railroad, to steal a phrase, and I am sure that he could figure out our national transportation needs in very short order.

Justice: I have who I think would be the perfect AG.  John in P-cola would be my first pick.  Fair, honest, and knows right from wrong.

Health and Human Services/HUD:  Not sure who to put here.  May not even fill the post.




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