Are you an Angry White Man?

I am. The editor of the local fishwrap found this at the Aspen Weekly Times. Go forth and read it here, I’ll wait.

Done? While the editor of the local fishwrap doesn’t agree with 100% with Mr. Hubbell of the Aspen Weekly, I find his observations to be very poignant and right on target. While, at least to your humble scribe, Mr. Hubbell only mentions white men, I don’t think that he intended to restrict that description to those of us that are pigment challenged. I see him looking around at the men he knows and seeing not the color of their skin, but the true men with the spirit that made this a great country. We all know men such as those described in this piece and, we also see not the color of their skin, but what is truly in their heart. Kim also has a few comments on the article and The Mrs provides a ladies point of view that makes quite the companion piece. Please go and visit the du Toits and tell them Sarge sent you.

Sarge, Out


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