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Of Pastors and Congregations

17 March 2008

Quick review of the facts:

1.  The Junior Senator from Illinois is a member of this church for 20+ years

2.  The Junior Senator from Illinois has marriage ceremony performed by pastor

3.  The Junior Senator from Illinois denies that he knew pastor was a racist

Sorry, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, that doesn’t hold water.  You were a member of this man’s church for 20+ years and you say you didn’t know that he was a racist?  Who are you trying to fool, yourself or the rest of us.  I lost a pastor several years ago to cancer and the church formed a search committee to find a new senior pastor for the church.  While I couldn’t put my finger on it then, and still can’t today, there was something about this man that didn’t ring true for me and within six months of this man leading congregation, I had left this congregation.   Now, if this man is your “Spiritual Leader,” I have to ask, how come you didn’t know?  Senator, I can’t believe that you are that naive.  If you are, you are definitely not the man I want answering the 0300 phone call.

Sarge, Out


Got to watch

3 March 2008

those ELFs!  Went to get another mug o’jumpstart while at the Grindstone today and heard about this little tidbit.  Seems some EnviroWhacko’s going by the moniker of Environmental Liberation Front decided to set some luxury homes ablaze in the Pacific Northwest.  I thought to myself, who in the world is going to take someone seriously that refers to themselves as an ELF?

Sarge, Out