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Sounding Off

17 May 2008

The local fishwrap has a regular column called “Spout Off” that is published most days and a selection of them are posted in the online version.  This morning I see this one and just had to comment:

To everyone who eats in a restaurant and doesn’t know how to tip: Gas prices are high for us, too. We have bills, also, and tips are they way we keep from living off the system, so here is a tip for you: If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to go out to eat. Stay home and cook. That way you will save your 2 percent tip and you will save gas.

Now, I don’t know who this spouter is, nor do I really care.  I do, however, care that this person decided it would appropriate to chide those of us who tip on the basis of the service given.  Most people I know, tip well for good service and will reduce said tip if service is not so good.

Hey waitstaff, think about this.  If your tip is small, how about taking a look at the service you have provided.  We, as the customer do not care if you are having a bad day.  We don’t care if you have to pay $4.00/gal for gas, we really don’t care if you have three kids and they all need braces.  We do care that we get good service from a friendly server that puts a smile on his/her face.  Being a waiter or waitress can be tough, but I have known some that have had bad days and still managed to provide the service expected by the customer and earned a good tip.

Here is a tip for you, provide better service to your customers, and you will see bigger tips.  Provide sucky service and I can guarantee that you will drive customers to the competitor down the street.  A restaurant can have the best food, but if the service sucks, you can bet that I, for one, will not be a repeat customer, but that is a post for another time.

Sarge, Out