The Smell of a House

Not too long ago I walked into the Command Post and the aroma that greeted me brought back a flood of over powering memories from years gone by.  On that particular day, the Command Post smelled just like my maternal grandmother’s house.  I only mention this because today, if she were alive, we would be celebrating the occasion of her birth.

While I have never mentioned Granny here before, she was an important part of my upbringing.  She took care of us when Mom was ill and always had a soda or a cup of coffee ready when CINCHOUSE and I hit town for a well deserved and earned visit.  She made CINCHOUSE feel part of the family from the first day she met her.  You could count on a good and hearty meal and if you went hungry, well that was your own fault.

Granny suffered a stroke on Christmas Eve 2004 and never returned home.  She had her good days and her bad days and went home to the Lord last July.

Churchmouse, you are missed.

Sarge, Out


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