Drew over at the Barking Moonbat Early Warning System has posted that Representative John Peterson, R-Pa tried to introduce a measure to open up coastal waters BEYOND 50 miles to exploration and drilling.  However, on a 9 to 6 vote ALONG PARTY LINES this measure died in committee.  Friend, you need to contact your Congress Critter NOW, not later, and DEMAND that they co-sponsor this measure and let us get to the oil and gas that is just off our coast.  Why shouldn’t we, the Chinese are ALREADY drilling there, unless you really like paying $4.00 + at the pump for a gallon of go juice.

Go and read and prepare for the Red Curtain of Blood.  Screecher Pelosi and her minions have stuck it to us again.  BOHICA, indeed.

Sarge, Out


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  1. Drew458 Says:

    Why thanks Sarge! I was able to get one last post in, about that article at NRO that suggests limiting the oil commodities market. I have to step away from the keyboard for the rest of the night.

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