And the Winner is . . .

You have got to love this guy.  While I hoped that Senator Thompson would have stayed in the race until at least Super Tuesday, he didn’t and I still think he was given bad advice, but that is a rant for another day, if ever.  The good Senator has joined the staff at and here is a recent posting.  Follow the link for the complete article, bu the paragraph below caught my eye. Supreme Error::By Fred Thompson
In reading the majority opinion I am struck by the utter waste that is involved here. No, not the waste of military resources and human life, although such a result is tragically obvious. I refer to the waste of all those years these justices spent in law school studying how adherence to legal precedent is the bedrock of the rule of law, when it turns out, all they really needed was a Pew poll, a subscription to the New York Times, and the latest edition of “How to Make War for Dummies.”

It seems that of the 9 chosen ones, five have forgotten that the “guests” currently overstaying their welcome at the Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay are in fact the enemy and have sworn to convert us to Islam via the sword if necessary.

My unsolicited advice to all field commanders currently engaged in the GWOT, wherever they may be, if you come across armed personnel not wearing the recognizable uniform of a sovereign nation, execute them as spies.

It has been said that the Military is at war and America is at the mall.  Well, after this “decision” by those 9 black robed persons (and in a couple of cases, even that is up for debate), we are now facing the very real possibility of some of the most dangerous men on the face of this earth, being loosed to continue their fight to destroy us and our way of life.  Thanks for nothing SCOTUS.

Sarge, Out


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