Details, those pesky Details

I just saw the news about Senator Helms and, after reading the article linked below, I have to admit, that I was wrong about this man.  For many years I failed to do my homework.  To the Helms family, I pray that you get through this difficult time.  We need more principled men like Senator Helms in office.

Former N.C. Senator and conservative firebrand Jesse Helms dies on Independence Day. He was 86. ::

“It has always been my contention,” he wrote in his memoir, “that there is no sense in being in office if you don’t have the courage to do what is right, even if it is the most unpopular position in the world.”

Words to live by Senator, for all men, not just the elected.  Our country is poorer for her loss of this fine Southern Gentleman.

Sarge, Out


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