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So much for Change

23 August 2008

You have heard the mantra from the “annointed one” and his minions “Change you can believe in.”  Well I guess we now know what kind of change that Barak Hussein Obama wants, none.  Hey Obama, when you want change, you do not select a running mate that has been a part of the establishment for over 30 years.  You have picked a running mate that during the primaries said that you were not ready and that the position of President of these United States is not a job for OJT.



1 August 2008

Don’t know if there is a correlation to this or not, but since the federal minimum wage went up this past week, it has been reported the 51,000 people lost there jobs and many more have had their hours curtailed.  While I certenately feel for those that are now seeking employment elsewhere, I have to wonder how many of them were making minimum wage and the company they were working for decided that they couldn’t afford to pay them any longer?

Sarge, Out