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“I have a dream …”

19 January 2009

I am too young to have heard Dr. King speak, but I don’t believe, as some are saying, that this is the day he dreamed of.  I believe that Dr. King was dreaming and speaking of a day when we would associate with a man simply because of who he is and not the color of his skin.  I have heard a number of people talking about how the election of Barak Hussein Obama to the highest office in the land fulfills Dr. King’s dream and with all due respect due to those people, I have to throw the big red BS flag on that.

Unlike the Reverends Jack$on and $harpton, I believe that the content of a man’s heart and soul is more important than the color of his skin.  If you voted for or against someone simply because of the color of his skin, you are part of the problems that this country faces.

Sarge, Out


What makes this such an “Historic Event?”

18 January 2009

I keep hearing that this inauguration is going to be an Historic Event.  Why?  Have we not had administration changes before?  Are we not a country that sees orderly shifts in power every 4 to 8 years?  Come on folks, President Bush is leaving office on Tuesday simply because his time is up and President-Elect Obama will take the oath of office on Tuesday to become our next president.  It is as simple as that.

What makes this inauguration so much different is that the MSM is having a lovefest with the new president and Chris Matthews of MSNBC will have more shivers running up and down his leg.

On Tuesday at 1200 hours Eastern time, Barrack Hussein Obama will take the oath of office and we will witness the peaceful, orderly change in administrations.  And on January 20, 2013, we will see yet another peaceful, orderly change in administrations again.  In fact, I predict that in 2017, we will see yet another peaceful, orderly change once again.

So, other than electing a man who has accomplished nothing but getting elected to sucessfully higher offices in his 40 some odd years, what makes this inauguration so historic?

Sarge, Out