Cat Fishin’

GuyK over at Charming Just Charming has a post up about catching catfish and what the best bait and tackle to use.  Good read.

His piece brought back some memories of when I was growing up in the mid-west.  We fished several of the lakes and rivers around St. Louis and always brought in a passel of channel catfish.  We used almost exclusively chicken liver and always had enought to freeze.  We went for the ones down in the cold water so we would set our hooks about 3 feet off the bottom.

Dad always got rid of the dorsal fin first and then would bleed them.  To skin them, cut a slit around behind the head and grab with a pair of pliers and pull.  Dad would take his skinning knife and stick through the head to hold the critter down for this step.  When the skin was pulled all the back to the tail, cut off the tail and discard the skin.  Dad would then cut off the head and then fillet the cat by just slicing right down the spine.  Nice thing about channel cat is that all the bones are along that route and there was none to interfere with the eating step.

Now the most important part, after catching of course, is preparation for consumption.  Cornmeal.  Roll them in cornmeal and pan fry.  And as close to the water as possible.  Catch, skin, roll, fry is what I am talking about.  Unless you get the frozen in time, the will degrade, though your milage may vary.

That, folks, is good eats.  And sure brings backs a memory or three.

Sarge, Out


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  1. GUYK Says:

    Thanks for the link Sarge. I hope to have some Blue Catfish fillets in a couple of weeks. My sister and her husband are coming to Florida to visit and she says she is gonna bring me some frozen catfish fillets from lake Waurika Oklahoma..good fish!

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