A Plantin’ We Will Go

Well, I know that we are already a couple of weeks behind GuyK and Sweething on their half-acre, but CINCHOUSE and I got the Jalapenos and ‘maters in the ground today.  I hope CINCHOUSE saw fit to put some bell peppers in.  Nothing like a frsh bell pepper off the vine, cut in strips and a pinch of salt.  I know, shouldn’t partake of the salt , but what can I say.  Let me have one vice.

As soon as I can find the old point-shoot, I post a pic or two.

Sarge, Out


One Response to “A Plantin’ We Will Go”

  1. GUYK Says:

    yep, digging new spuds when I want them now and should have pole beans in a month. I have five Florida beef steak tomatoes in full bloom and some other types that have the ‘fuzz’ on them which always indicates they are getting ready to bloom. If all of my ‘mater’ plants make I’ll be selling home grown tomatoes along beside the highway to yankee tourists

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