Free Lunch

Aint no such thing.  Period, full stop, end of sentence.  Doesn’t matter if that “Free Lunch” is health care, birth control, cell phone, or whatever those members of the entitlement class think they deserve or are owed.  The liberals in this country are on the verge of destroying everything we have worked for.  For example, the only “free” birth control is for the party of the first part to keep her knees firmly clamped together and since most people in our society wear clothing of some sort, how about keeping zippers zipped and buttons buttoned.  If you believe that you should get “free” birth control, you are now engaging in RECREATION and that, my friends, is fine, just don’t expect me to pay for it, unless you are willing to pay for my recreational activities.  And trust me, I have some expensive recreational activities that I would love to engage in.

Special for Ms. Fluke:

You want the fun without the expense and you let yourself be used.  If the shoe fits and all, just don’t expect me to pay for them.  From what I have read, you are approaching the age of 30.  By that time I was established in my first career, married and had started a family.  Now, almost 2 decades later, I am well into my second career with a child in college and I own my own home.  I have little debt and I am working to pay it off.  Along the way, I have earned my degree and various certifications that show I am dedicated to my chosen career.  And you want me to fund your recreational activities while you earn your degree.  Get a life and get over yourself.


Sarge, Out


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