Individual Mandates

So, the Nine Black-Robed judges currently sitting on the bench of our nation’s highest court have started the process in determining the constitutionality of what has become known as “Obamacare.”


Today’s hearing were procedural in nature and needed to determine if the SCOTUS could even hear the case since “Obamacare” had not been fully implemented.  Seems the “fine” imposed by failure to purchase the government insurance is just that and not a “tax” as the administration has argued.  Real arguments commence tomorrow.


A government run program is not the answer.  Governments have no money of their own only revenues that come from the taxes individuals pay.  The only way for the government to pay for your health care is for you to pay higher taxes.


We have the best health care in the world.  So good in fact, people that can afford to come here for needed care do so.  The problem we have here is how you purchase and use your health insurance.  Most people in this country purchase their health insurance through their employer.  The problem is where does the employer look to get the best coverage for their employees?  Glad you asked that.  In most places, your employer must purchase that insurance from a state approved provider.  You cannot buy health insurance like you can buy other insurance.  While in the process of purchasing the Command Post, I was able to purchase my homeowner’s insurance from a company in another state.  I can transfer that insurance to my primary dwelling as necessary.  However, if I move to another state, I can keep my homeowners and auto insurance the same.  Just update my carrier and all is well.  However, if I have insurance through my employer, I could not keep that same insurance if I changed employers when I made my move.  If employers could purchase health insurance like we purchase our life, auto and homeowners insurance, I believe the costs would be reduced as each insurer could offer their service to a larger customer base, spreading their risk further and thereby reducing costs.


The second problem is how we use our health insurance.  We expect, and so do our providers, our health insurance to pay for routine maintenance, physicals, check-ups and so on.  This is like asking your auto insurance to pay for oil changes and brakes.  All other types of insurance are used for those things you don’t see coming, car accidents, hurricanes, etc.  Why shouldn’t health insurance be used in the same way?  In other words, for those catastrophic events; heart attacks, strokes, broken bones, etc.


Now to Sarge’s opinion on the subject of this post, the Individual Mandate.  It is bad for a lot of reasons unrelated to health care.  If the government can tell you what insurance you have to buy, what is to stop them from telling you what type of car you can buy, or what shoes you can buy?  This is a good example of the camel’s nose under the tent.  Pretty soon, the camel is in your tent and you have a nice view of the night sky.  Hope it doesn’t rain.


Look, do you want the same people handling your health care that managed the so called “lock box” your social security payments went into, the same social security program that will not be there when I retire after paying in for 40+ years? 


Sarge, Out


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