Adventures at WalMart

Well, CINCHOUSE and I went to the WalMart nearby to walk about for a bit and get a fish or two for the aquarium at the Command Post.  Well, as you know, a trip to WalMart rarely goes smoothly if you need to interact with anyone other than a cashier and even then it can be a crap shoot.  Well, tonight was no different.  On the way in the door, CINCHOUSE stated she would like to pick up some snacks for a road trip we are taking.  Ok, no big deal, chips would be good as road rations.  You know, easy to handle, two fingers vs two hands to consume and all that.

As we enter, we spy some fresh strawberries right there at a pretty decent price and so we pick up some (we do like our strawberries) and proceed to the chip aisle where CINCHOUSE selects her fare for the road trip.  Easy, peasy we’ll be done here right quick.

After hitting the snack aisle, we head over to electronics.  I need to check some prices and features for some bits needed for an out of town project I am working on.  That task completed, time to head for the main reason for our little jaunt, selecting a replacement fish for the Command Post aquarium.  Fish selected, we now just need to get the person “working” the pet department to show up and retrieve said species from the tank.

I wander about a bit looking for the tell-tale blue vest and as expected, no blue vest in sight.  So, I recall seeing one in another section, so off I go to request assistance.  “Customer needs assistance by the tropical fish” from the voice above and so I wait, and wait, and just for fun, I wait a bit more.  A friendly member of the custodial staff wanders by and CINCHOUSE inquires as to if he is there to assist.  Unfortunately, no.  Once again, the voice from above calls out “Customer needs assistance by the tropical fish.”  And again we wait.

Finally, I walk to the Customer Service area and inquire as to the possibility of getting some assistance getting a fish or two.  As an aside, I mention that this is the third request for assistance.  Lo and behold, I guess this person actually knows what customer assistance is as not only one helper show up, but two.

Fish and other supplies in hand, we head for check-out and the Command Post.  Now, I realize that I need WalMart more than they need me, but still, waiting 20 minutes for assistance is a bit excessive, even for WalMart.

Sarge, Out


2 Responses to “Adventures at WalMart”

  1. fuzzysdad01 Says:

    I would like Bentonville know about this problem.
    They frown on this. call 1-800 Wal Mart.

  2. Sarge Says:

    Thanks fuzzysdad01. I’ll think about that option. I want to give the local store an opportunity to address the situation first.

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