Introducing ‘The Judeo-Christian Freedom Alliance’

Introducing ‘The Judeo-Christian Freedom Alliance’.

Let this serve as a warning to those that fail to remember this country was founded on Judeo-Christian Principles.  Our Founding Fathers all acknowledged a Supreme Being no less than four times in the Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution of United States and the Constitutions of the Several States all have language that refers to G-d.  I don’t care if you are a Catholic, a Baptist, a Presbyterian, Methodist, or any other Christian faith or a Jew, you believe in G-d and have a vested interest in stopping the assault on our faith a beliefs.

Sarge, Out


2 Responses to “Introducing ‘The Judeo-Christian Freedom Alliance’”

  1. Joe Dan Gorman Says:

    Thanks Sarge!!!! If I can get as many supporters —as I have atheist jackasses attacking me…we will succeed beautifully, LOL

    God bless ya brother

  2. Joe Dan Gorman Says:

    And thank you for your service,,,and your grumblings

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