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And the next shot is fired

11 July 2012

Over in Phoenix, AZ an ordained pastor gets 60 days + 3 years probation for, get this, hosting a Bible Study in his home.  Follow this link for the story.  If you still think there isn’t a war or religion and more specifically Christians, you are either blind or ignorant.

Sarge, Out


War on Religion – Incoming

5 July 2012

Here is the next shot in the War on Religion.  Seems a restaurant is under investigation by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission because, get this, they offer a 10% discount to church goers.  Yep, you read that right.  The state has opened a discrimination investigation against Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen.  This is all because a guy name John Wolff filed a complaint.  He is quoted as saying: “I did this not out of spite, but out of a feeling against the prevailing self-righteousness that stems from religion, particular in Lancaster County, I don’t consider it an earth-shaking affair, but in this area in particular, we seem to have so many self-righteous religious people, so it just annoys me.”  Yep, he filed a complaint because he was annoyed.

Mr. Wolff, you are a twit.  If you don’t like the fact that Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen gives those that attend church a discount, you have two choices.  Attend the church of your choosing and claim the discount for yourself or find another place to patronize.  Mr. Wolff you have a mistaken idea that you have a right to not be annoyed.  Sir, please reference where in the Constitution of the United States as amended or even the Constitution of the State of Pennsylvania where you have a right not to be annoyed as I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

The owners, Sharon and David Prudhomme, advertise various discounts on their web page and they wonder if they could get in trouble for offering Kid’s Night on Tuesdays (Kids eat free, 12 and Under after 4:30).

Now, there is not much I can do to help these good folks, but if you happen to live in the area or even passing through, and believe a business should be able to operate in a manner of their choosing stop by and let them know.  If you go to church and decide to eat out afterwards, and you happen to live in Columbia, Pennsylvania, bring your church bulletin to Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen and ask for your discount.  If I did, I would.

Oh, and friends, if you should happen to run into Mr. Wolff, let him know that while he is free to choose how he lives his life, he needs to tend to his affairs and allow the Prudhommes attend to the affairs of Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen.  If they choose to offer him a discount because he is a cranky old curmudgeon, that is their choice.  If he chooses to eat somewhere else, I am sure the Prudhommes will not miss him much.

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Religous Freedom: Myth or Fact?

2 July 2012

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. – 1st Amendment, Constitution of the United States

Read those words above again, I’ll wait.  Done?  Good, now read them again, this time pay particular attention to the first clause.  Got it?  Read it again.  These are the words the likes of the liberals and the ACLU don’t want you to read.  Why?  Because then you would know they have perpetuated a lie upon the American people.  Nowhere are the words “separation of church and state.”  The only place the words “separation of church and state” are used are in Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association where he acknowledged that their belief “religion is a matter which lies solely between a man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship…”

Why is this important?  Freedom of Religion is one of the cornerstones of this great experiment that is called America.  The liberals and the ACLU would have you believe that offering a prayer before a high school football game or graduation is anomalous to passing legislation establishing a religion when in reality it more closely falls under “the free exercise thereof.”  Now I will admit my copy of the Constitution of the United States is a bit outdated, but nowhere in it does it say one cannot offer a prayer asking God to keep the athletes safe from harm or provide guidance to new graduates.

We are now engaged in a religious war insofar as can a church practice what it preaches?  Or do secular interests take precedence?

God has occupied the thoughts of man.  Conscience, the mystery of existence, and the prospect of death challenge every human being to grapple with questions of transcendence and divine reality.

Religious freedom recognizes the right of all people to pursue these transcendent ends.  This right is granted not by government but by the Creator.  By respecting it, a government acknowledges that such ultimate issues are outside its jurisdiction, and that conscience is answerable to a higher authority than the law of the land.  Individuals and institutions should be free to believe and to act in response to divine reality.[i]

Marshall goes on to state “Because religious liberty is the bedrock for all human freedom, it provides a sturdy foundation for limited government.”  Take a look at what is happening in places such as Nigeria where Boko Haram Islamists are slitting Christians’ throats.  Churches are being marked for destruction in Indonesia, and here in the United States, we have an administration that consistently sides with one religion over any other.  We have the authorities in a major American city siding with Muslims who decided it would be appropriate to stone Christians while yelling “Allahu Akbar!”

Friends, we are at war.  This is not a war between nations, but a war against all that this nation stands for, most especially religious freedom.  This nation, admit it or not, was formed by men of good moral character that believed in a higher power then themselves.  The Declaration of Independence refers to this higher power no less than four times.  Nature’s God, Creator, Supreme Judge of the World, and Divine Providence.  Agree or disagree, that is the truth.  Our nation was formed based upon Judeo-Christian principles.  Little by little, the left has been eroding those principles.  They are it this for the long haul, no matter how long it takes.  If you desire to remain a free people, you must take a stand.  A stand for religious freedom is a stand for all freedoms for if they can take away your right to worship as you see fit, what other rights can they take?

Sarge, Out

[i] Marshall, Jennifer A. Why Does Religious Freedom Matter? The Heritage Foundation (

I must be a racist

27 June 2012

After all, I am not a card carrying member of the NAACP, the CBC, the NBPP, the ALCU.  I am a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male.  All my life I have been brought up to believe that you judge a man by his character, what is in his heart, and not by the color of his skin.

I spent 20+ years in uniform preparing to answer my nation’s call, and don’t regret a moment of that time.  I now help train our nation’s warriors to answer that same call if it comes.  With very few exceptions, in our line of work, we do not concern ourselves with another’s looks, only that he or she carries his or her share of the load.  From pulling comms to pulling guard duty, everyone has a task to perform and we only care the task gets done.  We support each other and when needed, step in to help our brother or sister in arms.

I find it interesting that our current president declared that he was the first post-racial president and yet the conservatives are called racists simply for wanting the rule of law to prevail.  For example, conservatives support ensuring only those who meet the legal requirements to vote do so.  One way to ensure this is to require ID to cast your ballot.  All the legislation I have seen in recent time regarding voter IDs has REQUIRED the state to provide ID at NO CHARGE.  Cost to the individual?  Nada, nil, zilch, in other words FREE!  Some states, Georgia for one, even had MOBILE ID stations full up ready to come to a parking location near you.  Once again AT NO COST to the individual.  Liberals at various levels of government have done their best to defeat these actions.  And have succeeded.

The Constitution of the United States does not state who may or may not vote.  It only states that a STATE may NOT deny the right of suffrage to someone based on their gender (19th Amendment), on their age, as long as they are at least 18 years of age (26th Amendment), or on race (15th Amendment).  Other than that, the qualifications to vote in any election is set forth by each state.  States could, if the electorate therein so decided, could require any number of qualifications to register to vote and cast their ballots at the ballot box.  They could for example, and this is a bit out there, require that all persons desiring to cast a ballot wear a Led Zeppelin concert t-shirt and be well with in their right under the 10th Amendment to do so.  They can also require one to present a valid, government issued identification card to cast a vote.  Especially if the government has provided that ID at no direct cost to the individual.

It isn’t racist to require an ID to vote, it is simply ensuring that those desiring to cast a ballot have met the legal requirements for that state to do so.  It means your vote counts.  It goes to the integrity of the ballot box.

So, because I want my vote to count the same as yours even if we vote opposite of each other, I believe we should have to present valid identification to cast our ballots.  Not because I am racist, but because I am an American.  No more, no less.

Sarge, Out

Introducing ‘The Judeo-Christian Freedom Alliance’

16 May 2012

Introducing ‘The Judeo-Christian Freedom Alliance’.

Let this serve as a warning to those that fail to remember this country was founded on Judeo-Christian Principles.  Our Founding Fathers all acknowledged a Supreme Being no less than four times in the Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution of United States and the Constitutions of the Several States all have language that refers to G-d.  I don’t care if you are a Catholic, a Baptist, a Presbyterian, Methodist, or any other Christian faith or a Jew, you believe in G-d and have a vested interest in stopping the assault on our faith a beliefs.

Sarge, Out

The Founding Fathers were too stupid to say what they meant… or something

8 May 2012

The Founding Fathers were too stupid to say what they meant… or something.

Thanks to Joe over at Boiling the Frogs.

For too long We the People have endured attacks from all comers.  These attacks are not coming from the likes of Al Qaeda or others of their ilk, but from within.  Some of us need to go back to our high school civics class and re-read those words that form the basis for our way of life.

I happen to agree with the Danbury Baptists and Mr. Jefferson (Thomas, not George) the purpose of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is NOT to protect the government from religion, but to protect religion from the government.

It is time for all people of faith to stand up and be counted.  As Joe said, I have run out of cheeks.

Sarge, Out

Not one to usually due this

2 May 2012

but this isn’t just about being a Veteran.  This is about an entity deciding that $197.00 is more important that being a PERSON.  I understand policy, but I have only ever seen this kind of inflexibility one other time, and that entity no longer is patronized by me or my family.  Spirit Airlines can now add themselves to that very short list.  Sometimes you need to make an exception to policy and while this private business can stick to their guns on this, Veterans can and most likely will stick to theirs.  From what I have read, it will be a very cold day before a Veteran takes a flight on Spirit Airlines and I fully support their decision.

While I am not one that usually counsels a private business on how to conduct their private business, this time they need to make an exception to policy.  This Veteran followed all the rules for this fare, but unfortunately, his doctor advised him that flying would be detrimental to his health

Semper Fi! Mr. Meekins

Sarge, Out

Adventures at WalMart

26 April 2012

Well, CINCHOUSE and I went to the WalMart nearby to walk about for a bit and get a fish or two for the aquarium at the Command Post.  Well, as you know, a trip to WalMart rarely goes smoothly if you need to interact with anyone other than a cashier and even then it can be a crap shoot.  Well, tonight was no different.  On the way in the door, CINCHOUSE stated she would like to pick up some snacks for a road trip we are taking.  Ok, no big deal, chips would be good as road rations.  You know, easy to handle, two fingers vs two hands to consume and all that.

As we enter, we spy some fresh strawberries right there at a pretty decent price and so we pick up some (we do like our strawberries) and proceed to the chip aisle where CINCHOUSE selects her fare for the road trip.  Easy, peasy we’ll be done here right quick.

After hitting the snack aisle, we head over to electronics.  I need to check some prices and features for some bits needed for an out of town project I am working on.  That task completed, time to head for the main reason for our little jaunt, selecting a replacement fish for the Command Post aquarium.  Fish selected, we now just need to get the person “working” the pet department to show up and retrieve said species from the tank.

I wander about a bit looking for the tell-tale blue vest and as expected, no blue vest in sight.  So, I recall seeing one in another section, so off I go to request assistance.  “Customer needs assistance by the tropical fish” from the voice above and so I wait, and wait, and just for fun, I wait a bit more.  A friendly member of the custodial staff wanders by and CINCHOUSE inquires as to if he is there to assist.  Unfortunately, no.  Once again, the voice from above calls out “Customer needs assistance by the tropical fish.”  And again we wait.

Finally, I walk to the Customer Service area and inquire as to the possibility of getting some assistance getting a fish or two.  As an aside, I mention that this is the third request for assistance.  Lo and behold, I guess this person actually knows what customer assistance is as not only one helper show up, but two.

Fish and other supplies in hand, we head for check-out and the Command Post.  Now, I realize that I need WalMart more than they need me, but still, waiting 20 minutes for assistance is a bit excessive, even for WalMart.

Sarge, Out

Free Lunch

5 March 2012

Aint no such thing.  Period, full stop, end of sentence.  Doesn’t matter if that “Free Lunch” is health care, birth control, cell phone, or whatever those members of the entitlement class think they deserve or are owed.  The liberals in this country are on the verge of destroying everything we have worked for.  For example, the only “free” birth control is for the party of the first part to keep her knees firmly clamped together and since most people in our society wear clothing of some sort, how about keeping zippers zipped and buttons buttoned.  If you believe that you should get “free” birth control, you are now engaging in RECREATION and that, my friends, is fine, just don’t expect me to pay for it, unless you are willing to pay for my recreational activities.  And trust me, I have some expensive recreational activities that I would love to engage in.

Special for Ms. Fluke:

You want the fun without the expense and you let yourself be used.  If the shoe fits and all, just don’t expect me to pay for them.  From what I have read, you are approaching the age of 30.  By that time I was established in my first career, married and had started a family.  Now, almost 2 decades later, I am well into my second career with a child in college and I own my own home.  I have little debt and I am working to pay it off.  Along the way, I have earned my degree and various certifications that show I am dedicated to my chosen career.  And you want me to fund your recreational activities while you earn your degree.  Get a life and get over yourself.


Sarge, Out


14 April 2009

There has been a lot of media play of late about the President of the United States apologizing for the United States being an arrogant country. If one takes the time to look at our past history all the way back to 1776, I think we have every right to be arrogant. Let me provide a few examples:

First, in 1776, we declared our independence from Great Britain and the “Empire upon which the sun never sets.” While the British didn’t take to kindly to this, loss of revenues and such, they decided to come on and as they say today “bring it.” While they came and marched in beautiful formations, our Minutemen met them on the field of battle and kicked some British army tail. Not to say it was easy, but we had the fortitude to see it to the end.

Next, in 1812, the British decided they wanted a second helping of Colonial Whip A@@. They got so far as to burn Washington DC. Of all the government buildings, only two survived, the Patent Office because one man stood tall and convinced the British commander that it was a building worth saving, and the Marine Barracks. Yes, my friends, even the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave was burned with Mrs. Madison escaping with the portrait of George Washington at the last possible moment.  U.S. – 2UK – 0

Let’s jump ahead a few years to a place called the Alamo. A small band of patriots stood off a larger better equipped Mexican army under the command of General Santa Anna, for about a week. Name such as Davey Crockett and James Bowie among others less known. Rumor has it that when informed of her son’s demise at the Alamo, Bowie’s mother stated that there was not a single wound to his back.

In 1860, we fought a little skirmish amongst ourselves, or as Sons of the South would call it “The war of Northern Aggression.” Not about slavery, as you were no doubtly told in school, but about whether states could just decide to leave the Union. In a place called Gettysburg, over the course of three days in July 1863, more men fought and died than any other place on American soil. Just so you know, General Robert E. Lee had 75,000 men that stood toe to toe with General George G. Meade’s 97,000. Neither army could gain the advantage over the other.

Moving into the 20th Century, we sent young men not much older than the cadets at the various Military Schools to Europe to help our allies fight off the Germans. Unfortunately, we had to do it again about a quarter century later. All we ever asked for in return was enough land to bury our dead.

What do you think; do we have a right to be arrogant? Who is it that steps up to the plate when there is some sort of natural disaster? A Tsunami in Indonesia, food shortages in Kenya, earthquakes in Mexico. We are the most giving nation on the face of the Earth today, and we have a President whose wife has stated that “America is a mean country.”

To those that think I agree that we are an arrogant country, you didn’t read the post closely enough. I only stated that we had every RIGHT to be, not that we were. We are a proud country and we welcome those that want to share in that pride with open arms.

Take a look around you. If you live in a military town, you can tell who the military members are. Not by the haircut, but by how they carry themselves. Especially Marines.

If you want to see arrogance, watch the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Every time he speaks, he is speaking down his nose. Watch him. Here is a man that won an election, but hasn’t stopped campaigning. He has been called a “gifted” speaker. But if you take away his teleprompter, he can’t put a coherent sentence together.