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Not one to usually due this

2 May 2012

but this isn’t just about being a Veteran.  This is about an entity deciding that $197.00 is more important that being a PERSON.  I understand policy, but I have only ever seen this kind of inflexibility one other time, and that entity no longer is patronized by me or my family.  Spirit Airlines can now add themselves to that very short list.  Sometimes you need to make an exception to policy and while this private business can stick to their guns on this, Veterans can and most likely will stick to theirs.  From what I have read, it will be a very cold day before a Veteran takes a flight on Spirit Airlines and I fully support their decision.

While I am not one that usually counsels a private business on how to conduct their private business, this time they need to make an exception to policy.  This Veteran followed all the rules for this fare, but unfortunately, his doctor advised him that flying would be detrimental to his health

Semper Fi! Mr. Meekins

Sarge, Out