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Quest for the perfect job

25 May 2006

Well, I have embarked on the quest for the perfect job.  So, while I have not been around for a couple of days, have no fear, I am around kicking a screaming.  Just trying to focus my energy on finding employment.  

Sarge, Out 


Swimming in Mobile – Final Report

14 May 2006

Well, CINCHOUSE, SIT, and I have returned from Mobile.  SIT had a great meet.  He made another qualifying time for the championship meet.  We'll just have to see if he can get some more.  CINCHOUSE and I hope that he will max out.  

Sarge, Out 

Swimming in Mobile – SITREP 2

13 May 2006

Wow, SIT is on FIRE!  He has made one championship qualifying time and is so close on the others that he can taste them.  He is swimming well and swimming smart.  Sarge and CINCHOUSE are very pleased.  Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Sarge, Out 

Swimming in Mobile – SITREP

13 May 2006

Well, CINCHOUSE, SIT and I have set-up our mobile command post here in Mobile and SIT swam a 400 Freestyle. He is real close to a championship qualifying time. Can't wait to see how the rest of the meet goes.

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More proof that we are “losing” the war in Iraq

10 May 2006

Thanks, Chuck!

It would be so nice to hear this on every newscast, but since it doesn’t make President Bush look bad, you will NOT see it.  I like the way Chuck finishes out his post

“The mainstream media are a bunch of jackasses. We’re winning this war, everywhere except in the media. Just like Vietnam”

Go forth and read for yourself. 

From My Position… On the way!: We’re losing in Iraq, Just like we lost in Vietnam

Sarge, Out

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NW Thinkers

10 May 2006

Tip o' the Hat to GuyK

Seems the homeowners association in the linked story decided to form a group to pick up trash in the neighborhood. The group, "Inner Neighborhood Services", had navy blue ball caps made with INS in gold lettering made and wear them while performing their duty. Seems the illegals working on the construction site nearby thought they represented another agency that used the same acronym.


Sarge, Out

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Observations at Wally World

5 May 2006

SIT and I had to go to Wally World for CINCHOUSE this evening to pick up 20 bags of "organic compost" among other things. Finish gathering items of interest and head to garden center and tell young thing at register that I needed said item using the appropriate terminology. SIT and I both saw young thing look in the book X2 and then still had to ask where the code for the manure was.  It clearly says in the book COW MANURE and SIT could see this from several feet away.  You would think that if young thing is woking in the garden section of Wally World, that she would know where the code for manure was.  I guess reading English is not a requirement.  

Sarge, Out 


4 May 2006

Welcome to my new home. Nothing has changed yet, and I am still unpacking the boxes. Working on my Blogroll. I haven't de-linked anybody yet, just got to get them to work.

Sarge, Out


They work! Now if I can change the colors a bit, I will be a happy camper.


Well, can't change too much, not that important.  Need to mention that I haven't moved all the comments over yet.  I was using HaloScan for my comments and haven't installed it to WP yet.  I hope to find a way soon.   


3 May 2006

Guyk found this article. It is a bit long, but worth the read. In fact, I believe that EVERY citizen should read this. EVERY person from the local council member to the President of the United States should read this. I am of the opinion that it should become REQUIRED READING for these people BEFORE they take their oath of office.Go forth and read.

Sarge, out